Family Crest (so says Google)

Hello. You’ve found the Astles, Astle, etc. site. This is a family website and we’re not a commercial entity in anyway. There isn’t a whole lot here right now, just what I’ve found searching, or if it’s something to do with me there was less searching involved. If you are an Ast* or Ast* adjacent and would like to contribute, I’d be happy to add more to the website.

Apologies if you an astle (without the ‘s’). When I registered this website it didn’t occur to me to register way back when. Someone else owns that site, a realtor out of Kansas (USA). It would seem that housing is cheap in Kansas, compared to where we live. Anyway, if you’re looking for a home in Kansas, check them out.

As for myself, I’m in Canada which is why you’ll find this page via (Looks like I missed out on too) when I get around to configuring it.